Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The truth about the bras and cup sizes

The history of the bra is very interesting. 
The concept dates back to 6500 years in ancient Greece, but the first bra prototype was patented by Henry Lesher in New York in 1859. Then there was few other ideas and patents. 
The word brassiere first appears in US Vogue in 1907 and entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 1911. 
The sizing system by cup size that is used today was invented in the late 20s by Ida and William Rosenthal, founders of Maidenform company, and the cup sizing A to D was created by Warner Bras in 1935.
Authors of the National Geographic video made a huge blunder in their video Secret History of the Bra.
Are you able to figure out where?
Listen carefully.
Hint: bra measurements

National Geographic says that the bras are sized with 2 measurements: the linear measurement around the ribcage under the breast and the cup size which is measured in volume. To this point everything is correct, ... but then NG starts comparing each cup size to the volume of the fluid as the cups volume are always the same regardless the bra band dimension, which is not true at all!
The fact is that in the bra size 34C = 32D = 36B the cups are exactly the same, the only difference is a bandwidth.
In other words the breast volume of the tiny girl with fuller bust 32D is equal the breast volume of a woman with wider rib cage but smaller cups sizes.
That is to say bigger girl with breasts that seam to be in a quite large size, does not necessary have to wear D cup or above, as it appears in stereotype, the actual cup size depends on her chest measurement. 
(measure your chest around the back and under your bust, not over clothes, and make sure the measuring tape is snug on your back!)

Bra measurement system is a little complicated indeed, maybe even a little bit more then National Geographic presents, but it's been working for many years already and it is doable to learn.
Do you know your true bra size?
Do you deny you cup size?
Most women cannot accept their true size, and not only with their bras.
We all once a while try to be like somebody else; slimmer, prettier, smarter, richer...
Remember though, your bra size is like your shoe size... the shoe either fits or not, and nobody needs to know the size!
You feel more comfortable and look definitely more attractive in the correct bra / cup size, no matter what number or letter it stands for.
So ladies, don't be in your cup denial.
If you wish to read more about the story of the bra take a look at Moments in Bra History
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