Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why the bra is so important and how it can affect your health or help/damage your breasts?

When purchasing lingerie our choices are usually based on newest trends or that great look on the other women. However for bra or panties to do their job, they have not only to look good, but also support, be comfortable and be suited for the figure. Otherwise instead of enhancing body assets, our silhouette becomes disproportional and unattractive, not mention the comfort that will be far from fine.

The look, the shape, the position and even the firmness (as a consequence in a period of time) of our breasts depend mostly on the right bra.
Women breasts are formed mostly of fatty tissue that gives the breasts the softness and delicate smooth outline. The connective tissue in the breasts that helps maintain structural integrity, support the breast in its normal position and maintain its shape are very thin and delicate ligaments, called also Cooper's ligaments. Two main proteins of connective tissue is collagen and elastin.
As collagen with very high resistance to stretching controls the elasticity of skin, the lack of it results in wrinkles. Elastin helps the body tissues to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. It helps skin to return to its original position when it is poked or pinched.

Since breasts are not supported by muscles it's very easy to make the skin stretched, therefore breasts loose their firmness and rounded shape. Women breasts are naturally sinking as aging due to the lengthening of the ligaments and loosing elasticity by the skin.
To protect your breasts it is crucial to wear properly fitted bra, that should provide not only comfort, but also helps our health. 
Wearing a suitable bra helps to decrease stretching of the skin and ligaments and then prevents from bust sagging. Underwear should be nearly invisible (no digging, no poking, no spilling, no bulges or gaps between the cup and your skin, no wrinkles or puckering, no rolling) and may not limit our moves. Besides pay attention to the fabrics that does not irritate the skin.
Perfectly fitting bra means having the snug fit at the band and big enough cup size, but the right size is only half of the success. Essential is the right bra type and shape of the underwire and cups, and what is critical in case of larger bust, full support. Very important are used types of supports, thickness of the straps, number of hooks and type of the fabric. The combination of all the features make our breasts wonderfully supported.
Wearing that proper bra causes so-called migration of the breasts i.e. moving fatty tissue from underarms back to the breasts, and improving shape and firmness of the breasts as a result. 
Wearing the wrong bra may damage and speed up aging of your breast. From 85% of all women wearing the wrong bra 70% feel the pain not only the of breasts, but also of a spine. But the wrong bra means not only discomfort. It is to a large extend permanent deformity of our breasts.

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