Monday, November 16, 2009

Dramatic search for a bra - my story

Some time ago I met the lady who said "I don't wear bras, they are uncomfortable and since I wear jeans it's hard to find panties that don't show lines underneath, so I don't wear panties either".

That could be shocking for some ladies, but in many cases and especially in United States it's true. Hard to believe that some women don't know the bra or panty styles. They have no idea what is unlined, contour or push up bra. They assume there is one type of panties: briefs...

We have the strongest economy, we are leaders in technology and business, cost of living comparing to Europe is relatively low, food is cheaper to buy then to make and there is so little places to buy good lingerie, read underwear. By "good" I mean bras that fit right (with no spilling or gaps, giving the natural look and shape), supportive and comfortable.

When I came to USA for the first time few years ago American Airlines lost my luggage. Since I've just started my vacation at that time I spent hours and days to partially replace my suitcase (more money to spend and actually less time to enjoy the trip). The worse nightmare was to find bras, not even mention corsets (since it's not the first need product), carefully picked before the journey. The "nice" lady at AA customer service told me to go to Walmart !!!???

I was shocked, surprised and disappointed in the lack of regular lingerie boutiques, while in Europe there is so many of them. They are located in shopping malls, little shopping centers, by the more and/or less busy streets, in the cities, towns and sometimes in villages. In little Poland, size probably of State of California there is over 1500 stores with underwear and swimwear. I've found a little bit higher number of decent stores (no sex shops), including luxury boutiques in all 50 States though...

I tried to find similar stores here and it still doesn't look good. We can purchase lingerie in departments stores, such Macy's, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Dillard's with the narrow brand selection of strong and established, but not always the best lingerie manufacturers. The latest worldwide cost cuts made most of these products low-quality with cheaply looking fabrics or poorly stitched, check some of the Victoria's Secret pieces. The big buyers are very picky and they are usually looking for the same type of lingerie. Boring one-color items (white, black or nude), seamless, with no fancy laces or "fashionable", but with the same look and style, like there is no other design, patterns, colors, fabrics, etc. In addition the enormous requirements and harsh terms may kill the young or small supplier.

I tried ca. 300 bras on only to pick 2 maybes that I probably still have in my closet mildly worn. While seeking I soon stopped paying attention to the fashion, colors and quality, to find something that fits and hold my C/D cup. Each manufacturer has a somewhat different method of sizing, so even if you know your correct size always check the size chart for particular brand to make sure and try it on.

It's hard to find a tasteful store with nice selection of well made bras, the place you can try you bra on and have an appropriate support from salesperson or professional fitter. Nevertheless there are some. If you are looking for some don't hesitate to let me know and I will try to help you find nice lingerie store in your area.

There are numerous online stores. The disadvantage is we don't really know the fit, unless we know the brand, the line should keep consistent sizing and we are sure that this particular style works best for us. The rest is always guessing, but it does not mean you cannot find your perfect bra that way. In many cases, due to the sanitary reasons and hygienic requirements we are unable to return the purchase, that sucks...

While shopping for a bra the essential is to know 2 measurements. Bra size is described by the band size (bandwidth) and the cup size (bustline). Fitting Room (http://www.bustnlace.com/page.html?id=3) at Bust N Lace may be a great help.

There are some excellent Polish brands with superior quality and attention to details, consistent sizing in every bra, once fitted always the same size and proven fit for all figure types from small busted to full busted ranging in styles from unlined, contour to push-up. Alongside Konrad, Dalia, Aurea and Novella (that you may find on http://bustnlace.com) there are lingerie by KrisLine, One lingerie, Femme Fatale, Axami, Wolbar, Mat, Lupoline, Kostar, Samanta, Kinga, Coemi; swimwear by She, Self, Marko and many more.

Few of my favorites available at http://www.bustnlace.com/bras-amour-c-1.html are:

Magique push-up bra with removable cookies that makes it a contour bra. Perfect fit, enhance female curves. Always voguish black & white amply embroidered. Cups are connected by black satin ribbon allowing for easy adjustment. Sides made of elastic black striped on white fabric.

Adelin unlined bra, the best for cups C and above. Made of lovely soft and elegant lace with delicate rosy beads intertwined with winding green twigs. Side supports perfectly pulls breasts together and lift it up. Straps beautifully decorated.

Czekolada (Chocolate) half contour lace bra with light padding underneath the breasts for support available in 3 colors: white, black and hues of rich chocolate. Made of embroidered tulle imitated fancy patterns. Bra construction adjusts to the body frame, pull bust together and round it out. Removable interchangeable straps richly decorated by embroidery render this model exceptional. Straps can easily be replaced with clear bra straps or other. Great for full breasts.

What's your story?

Would you share your experience finding a bra?

Feel free to write back at shop@bustnlace.com or leave your comment below.

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