Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How To Wear Your Bra?

Learn how to put your bra on and wear it properly.

Sounds silly?

Maybe not...

How To Put Your Bra On
  • Put your hands through the straps, so the straps are over your shoulders
  • Place your bosom in the cups gathering them from under your arms, not from the underneath them
  • Bend at the waist before fastening your bra and adjust your breasts to include them completely within the cups. Nipples should be at the fullest point of the cup. This automatically centers your bust and distributes the volume evenly
  • Stand up and adjust the straps to position breasts are at the right level, pull down the back
  • Lift your arms up after securing your bra band, make sure you are not falling out from the cup
  • Fix minor puckering, small wrinkles or folds in the cups
Position Of Your Breasts
  • Bra should keep your breast steady
  • The perfect position for breasts is midway between shoulders and elbows, bustline must be centered
  • Bra must be proportionate to the frame
  • Breasts positioned too far apart causes no definition
Bra Band
  • Bra band should lie around rib cage evenly front to back
  • Make sure that the band is perfectly horizontal on your body
  • Your finger should fit comfortably under the front of the bra 
  • Pick a size that fits you closely. Fasten your bra on the first - loosest or middle hook, if 3 hooks. You'll be able to tighten the bra over time as the material stretches out
  • When band creeps up on shoulder blades it causes your breasts to droop
  • Don’t secure your bra band too high on the back, it causes the band to ride up and the cup to fall forward
  • If the bandwidth is too tight your bra will leave red marks on your body and possibly create unsightly back bulges - get larger band size
  • If the bandwidth is too loose the bra will not provide you with enough support and rides up on the back - try smaller band size
  • The strap around your body should feel comfortable but firm, giving support but not restricting your breathing!
  • Straps should neither fall down nor dig into your shoulders
  • Straps provide only 10% of your support, the rest 90% comes from the band
  • Too loose straps cause the band to ride up your back
  • Shoulder straps need to be tight enough to offer support but should not rub or dig
  • Adjust your straps to get comfortable support without pressure or cutting
  • Fit your finger under snug straps
  • The cup size is too small
    • if there is an overflow from the top and/or your breasts are coming out of the sides of the bra
    • when the underwire is cutting into the breasts instead of around them
    • try a larger cup size or a different style
  • The cup size is too big
    • if there are any gaps or puckering
    • if there are any excess fabric wrinkling in the front
    • if there's a major gap between bra and body
    • try a smaller cup size or a different style
  • Your breast should be well supported without bulges or gaps between the cup and your skin
  • Cups must have no spillage or gapping
  • Having the right cup size gives you a marvelous shape and great support
  • The underwires should not dig in or create sore areas anywhere
  • They should lie flat against the ribcage without you knowing they are there
  • Underwire should surround and support breasts, not poke into them!
  • If wires are digging in under your arms or pull away from the body in the center, it usually means that the cup size is too small

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