Saturday, December 5, 2009

Did you know?

Did You Know That

85% of all women wear the wrong bra (size or shape)
65% of women need more lingerie comfort
The average woman's breasts change shape, size and distribution at least 6 times in her life due to weight loss or gain, birth control or pregnancy, dietary changes, exercise, medications or age
A badly fitting bra may cause back problems, muscle tension and even headaches
An improperly fitting bra may result in blockage of lymphatic drainage or poor circulation, which could lead to a breast cancer
90% of the bra support is provided by the band and only 10% come from the shoulder straps
Breasts move an average of 4 inches in 3 directions (up and down, side to side and forwards and backwards) during running, which can often lead to breast pain
One style of bra may fit one woman just right and be absolutely wrong for someone else, even though the size is the same

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