Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vanity May Kill You

Argentine beauty Solange Magnano lost her life after cosmetic gluteoplasty surgery complications. This seemed to be an easy operation to improve her look.

The termed gluteoplasty procedure involves the insertion of liquid implants that smoothes and firms up the buttocks. The operation turned out to be deadly as the liquid leaked from the implants and infected her lungs and brain. 38 year old former Miss Argentina '94 past from a pulmonary embolism last Sunday after three days in critical condition. She left 7-year-old twins. Model and the owner of the modeling agency gave the ultimate sacrifice for her appearance.

Argentine fashion designer and a friend of the model Roberto Piazza said that she was perfect, amazing and did not need any surgery. She took good care of herself, attended gym regularly, had ideal measurements and divine little waist. She was a woman who had everything, but lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind.

"We will miss you, Sol,", "You couldn't be any more beautiful than you already were" fans posted on Facebook.

This shocking death should be a warning for many girls and guys to reconsider the "need" of such invasive procedure. Absurdly most of the people who decide to get under the scalpel usually look flawless.

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