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Panty Glossary

French Knickers? 
Tanga panty? 
Do you know the difference?

Bikinis offer full or medium front and back coverage while the sides rest high on the hips or waist. A little more revealing than briefs, but less than thongs. Usually with a high-cut leg line and a waistline that falls below the belly button and rest on the hips. The sides can be anything from a string to a thicker side panel.
Skimpier styles have narrow sides, including V-cut (in front), French cut (high-cut sides) and low-cut string (string sides). String bikinis provide considerably less coverage than an average bikini.
Known for it's youthful look and styling, and surprisingly, bikini can be more flattering on a woman with a tummy.
Boy Leg Panty
Alike hot pants, boy leg panties have full back and side coverage, the waist sits low on the hips and legs come to the top of the thigh. Low-waisted boylegs usually seamed in the center front and back for definition, offer comfort and give a smooth line from waist to hips.
Boyshorts provide full and comfortable coverage in a modern silhouette with lower leg cut, so an inseam is usually around 1/2" to 1" long. Sometimes called also a culotte, shorts or hot pant, it’s a cross between low-rise panties, French Knickers and tap pants.
As they provide more coverage than bikini, so they tend to stay in place better and not bunch up. Many women declare that this panty style eliminates panty lines under tight-fitting clothing. Perfect everyday alternative. Boyshorts definitely continues to grow in popularity.
Boy Thong Panty
Boythong panty, called also thongboy is a part boyleg and part thong that provides more coverage in the back and along the sides, while the cheeks peek out the bottom and quickly reduces to a thong style when going through the crotch. Visualize thongboy as a low-rise boyshort with a thong back panel.
It’s a flattering variation on the traditional thong that offers great comfort combined with a fabulous fit.
Brazilian Panty
Brazilian panties cover more of the cheeks than thongs, but less than full-back panties. Made of stretch lace with full coverage on side and back and a low rise fit. The ultimate in sexy coverage. Not recommended to be worn under thin wear as VPL is essential.
A traditional to-the-waist panty with full back and side coverage, sometimes may have high-cut legs. Waistband rests at or just below the belly button. Their conservative cuts make them called sometimes "granny pants". Ideal for those seeking max coverage.
A wide-leg version of a boyshort. Also called a tap pant.
Control Briefs (Shapewear)
A brief panty designed for tummy-tucking and/or butt-lifting that give total support and absolute comfort while providing a smooth silhouette. 
French cut panties are also called high-cut brief. The leg opening extends a bit higher than normal.
French Knickers
French Knickers, also known as Tap Pants, are shorts with wider sides and less fabric to cover the bottom of the cheeks, usually made of lace, silk or satin. They cover the hip, part of the upper thigh and part of the buttocks, and are denominated by the 'open leg' style, or loose fitting leg for more comfortable fit. They look like boyshorts except they do not have elasticated leg cuffs.
They are not to be confused with hipsters or briefs or bikini bottoms, all of which feature elasticated leg openings and much snugger fit to the body.
An ultra minimal coverage panty with string sides and up the back. G-strings reveal more than thongs, though some manufacturers use the terms interchangeably. Called also a T-string due to the shape of the strings at the back, they eliminate panty lines. Extremely sexy.
Hi-Cut Brief
A moderate to full coverage panty with a very high-cut on the leg and sides. Also known as a French cut brief. Some women find that hi-cut briefs offer a bit of tummy structure.
A mid coverage panty, pretty low rise combination of bikini and a brief. They rests lower on the hip than briefs, the rise is shorter, so the waistline of the hipster is well below the belly button.
Hipsters are a modern and comfortable take on the classic brief and are less bulky than boyshorts. It’s a perfect solution for wearing under low cut jeans, as invisible under mid-rise pants.
Low Rise
Low rise panty is a style that sits low on the hips for an invisible look when worn under low rise jeans. With a rise that is the measurement between the waistband and the first horizontal seam, of 6 inches or less, refers to a hipster or boyshort style.
Low Rise Brief
Low rise brief style has turned to be quite popular. The waistband rests on the hip approximately 3" below the waist. Side fabric and the legs are traditional brief legs (not high cut). Can also be called a hipster brief.
String bikini
String bikinis are bikini panties with waistband that rests below the navel and on the hips, high-cut legs, string sides and full back coverage. String bikinis are seamless or constructed of smooth fabrics like microfiber and mesh.
A moderate to little coverage European panty line with back coverage that is more than a thong but narrower than a bikini. Very close to Brazilian back panties, but with wider sides. Made of soft lace tangas are tremendously comfortable and cuddle woman’s curves giving the excellent look and feel.
Tap pants
Tap pants, also called French Knickers, are shorts that have loose fitting legs and rides higher on the sides. Highly feminine and flattering, usually made of lace, silk or satin are sweet and playful.
Thongs leave the buttocks exposed preventing visible panty lines. They have a favored panty silhouette with a triangle shaped front panel, thin side panels and minimal coverage in a back that cover the loins not the buttocks for a no-show look underneath clothes. Provide slightly more side and back coverage than the G-strings. Very comfortable. Ideal for those seeking a smooth seamless outline.

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