Sunday, April 11, 2010

Polish Tragedy

Like 70 years ago Poland again lost the most important people!

Polish President Lech Kaczynski, The First Lady Maria Kaczynska, and number of top Polish officials, 96 people in total were killed after the plane crash in Smolensk, Russia.

Those killed included also the Army Chief and several Army Generals, former President of Poland, President of Council of Advocates, the Head of the National Bank, Chancellor of the University, Poland's Deputy Foreign Minister, Senators, Members of Parliament, Presidential Aides, the Polish ambassador to Moscow, Polish Ombudsman, President of AK (Home Army)--Polish resistance during WWII, Veterans of WWII, President of Institute of National Remembrance, President of Polish Katyn Foundation, Leader of Katyn Committee, Chief of the Polish Olympic Committee, Presidents and Chiefs of other Polish institutions and organizations, Bishops and Priests, Doctors, Polish film and theatrical Actor, translators, representatives of Katyn families, and associates, crew members.

Polish officials were going to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Katyn massacre, where 22,000 Polish officers (military officers, police officers, doctors, engineers, scientists, lawyers, priests, businessmen and officials) were brutally mass murdered in 1940 by Soviet secret police and buried in mass grave in Katyn Forest. Katyn is located ca. 12 mi west of Smolensk, where the Saturday tragedy happened.

In a tragic twist, family members of the Katyn victims were on board the president's plane.

It's unthinkable and unbelievable disaster!

Light a candle in memory of 96 Polish people, click here http://bit.ly/bRqlGr

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